Friday, March 11, 2011

“The True-Life of Faith!” A Revelatory Teaching Message Through The Ministry Of Thomas Manton IV

True, Bold And Raw Confidence In God By Faith Is Too Often A Vital Missing-Ingredient In Many Christian’s Lives! Hebrews 11:6 instructs us to come before God, believing that He is our ‘Living-Blesser!’Scripture tells us that He will reward us as we diligently seek Him and do His Will! Matthew 6:33 tells us, all things will be added to us, as we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. God’s blessings flow mightily in the lives of those people that are properly situated and doing His will!

Confidence In Yourself In God’s Gifting, Anointing & Mighty Hand Upon Your Life Is Necessary For Promotion, Acceleration & Production! In Numbers 13:33, we see how the children of Israel ‘sunk’ under the mocking-gazes and filthy-words of their enemies. Unfortunately, they saw themselves as inferior ‘victims;’ while they were supposed to be the ‘victors’ from God’s own Army!Too often, peoples’ own insecurities and weak ‘self-portraits’ have painted a bad-image of them even in the minds of their enemies. Others can also view you based on how you see yourself!

Boldness In Your Posture & Stance In Who God Actually Is In You, Is Vital For Your Moving Ahead In Life! A good testimony: I’ve had several properties given to me free-of-charge over the years: in Dallas, London, North Carolina, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ft.Lauderdale, etc…By faith …As I travelled ministering by God’s direction in releasing territorial-outpourings of the Holy Spirit through the Ministry assignments He gave me to perform in those regions, at those times. And I really thank Him for that. I’ve also received, and given away again, more than a dozen cars: including Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, American hot-rods, imported sports-cars, and a custom-built luxury-van, etc…and I thank God for all of those! And, I must point out what a joyous-testimony it is that I gave them away again afterwards! However, I also want to teach you something powerful here on the flip-side about ‘timing’ and courage and quickness. These are necessary ‘ingredients’ in seizing right-now opportunities! So, here is a little sad-testimony to help you understand this principle: One time I was given an opportunity to buy a house in America. Someone offered to give me the down-payment; but then never ‘brought’ me the cash. I see now that I should have ‘raided’ it after it was offered, and gotten it into my hands! But that never came because I perhaps wasn’t forceful enough. It was offered for the purpose of buying a house for myself in Dallas, but I didn’t push the button fast-enough! Of course, I was so-o-ooo busy at the time, so I kind of felt i could wait a bit on it. Wrong! Looking back on it now, I see that I actually should have stopped what I was doing for a moment to seize that opportunity! Well, moving right along here…The owner of the house knew I was a man of God. In fact, we did ‘live’ television together on a large Christian television network in London. I thought he would have bent in the price and terms if I flew to where he was quickly, with a briefcase full of cash or a cashiers-cheque! After I had not done that quickly, while he was really ‘hot’ on selling, he later countered with a much more expensive offer ~ that I didn’t like. However, if I had done three things (that I didn’t do quickly then), I believe I would be the blessed-owner of that property today.
1) I should have gone directly, immediately and forcefully to the person that offered me the down-payment as a gift, demanding that they take me to their bank to get the money into my hands right then!  

2) I should have arranged to bring that down-payment money -in person- to the house owner immediately ~ demanding the terms I wanted in purchasing his house right then! 

3) I should have mapped out in my mind, and in prayer, believing God to help me be creative in handling all the expenses of that house on an on-going basis; making it into either an office or rental property; or just keeping it for myself for when I would be in Dallas! *But now, sadly, that opportunity is long-gone. The house has probably been sold; and the down-payment ‘giver’ obviously couldn’t do anything further because of my procrastination. I missed that opportunity. I believe it was lost completely and solely because of my inaction! Often in life, situations or circumstances that keep us from further-progress and conquest are not due to a lack of money or favour; but they are simply due to a lack of decisive-action! We can also lose by an under-developed confidence and faith in God; and perhaps also by a less-than-secure or malnourished self-portrait of our own abilities! We need to always think positively, believing we are the best and that we will have the best! We must continuously feed our faith and build up our lives to greater dimensions and heights, and we also must starve our doubts to death, by feeding our souls and spirits with the Word of God and positive and pro-creative thinking and action! I am praying for more even better opportunities than I’ve had, like this, because I’ll know what to do next time! Move quickly and boldly without hesitation! And, sometimes our ‘busyness’ in so many things may not always be the absolute best use of our time. Always, always give God flexibility, and let Him both give you, and help you seize opportunities and great moments of favour. A great man of God friend encouraged me some years ago with a powerful saying. He said to me: “Son, always follow the path of favour. Always move where the flow of favour is.” Let me encourage both you and myself here by saying this to you, direct from Psalm 24: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; and the world, and all they that dwell therein!” Also remember Genesis 1:26. God told us that: He has made us in His own image and likeness, and that He wants us to own things, and use them for His beneficial purposes! And, Matthew 6:33 (one of my favourite verses in the Bible), declares: “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Amen!

The ‘Thief’ That Is Stealing God’s Best From You! Proverbs 6:30-31 promises a seven-fold restoration to the one who has been ‘stolen’ from, if he or she activates this blessing by faith! You can’t possess any promise if you don’t ‘activate’ it! When you open a new online account, or purchase new software, you must first open it and activate it before it works! Claim this promise and activate it with your contractual speech out loud in prayerful decree, and it will go into motion for you! *So be it, in Jesus’ Mighty, Matchless & Majestic Name!

Once You Know Who You Are In God; And You Know, And Are Doing, What He Wants You To Do, You Will Be Unstoppable And Limit-Less! God wants us to own land and property. This truth is seen all through the scriptures. Do a ‘finger-walk’ through the Bible~ book-by-book; and your head will spin over all the verses that promise us God’s desire and ability to give us wealth and real estate!

Faith Is ‘Voice-Activated’!   In the 11th chapter of Mark; in the 22nd-24th verses; God’s Word instructs us to ‘speak’ to all situations if we want to see them change and produce good results!


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