Friday, March 11, 2011

“The True-Life of Faith!” A Revelatory Teaching Message Through The Ministry Of Thomas Manton IV

True, Bold And Raw Confidence In God By Faith Is Too Often A Vital Missing-Ingredient In Many Christian’s Lives! Hebrews 11:6 instructs us to come before God, believing that He is our ‘Living-Blesser!’Scripture tells us that He will reward us as we diligently seek Him and do His Will! Matthew 6:33 tells us, all things will be added to us, as we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. God’s blessings flow mightily in the lives of those people that are properly situated and doing His will!

Confidence In Yourself In God’s Gifting, Anointing & Mighty Hand Upon Your Life Is Necessary For Promotion, Acceleration & Production! In Numbers 13:33, we see how the children of Israel ‘sunk’ under the mocking-gazes and filthy-words of their enemies. Unfortunately, they saw themselves as inferior ‘victims;’ while they were supposed to be the ‘victors’ from God’s own Army!Too often, peoples’ own insecurities and weak ‘self-portraits’ have painted a bad-image of them even in the minds of their enemies. Others can also view you based on how you see yourself!

Boldness In Your Posture & Stance In Who God Actually Is In You, Is Vital For Your Moving Ahead In Life! A good testimony: I’ve had several properties given to me free-of-charge over the years: in Dallas, London, North Carolina, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ft.Lauderdale, etc…By faith …As I travelled ministering by God’s direction in releasing territorial-outpourings of the Holy Spirit through the Ministry assignments He gave me to perform in those regions, at those times. And I really thank Him for that. I’ve also received, and given away again, more than a dozen cars: including Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, American hot-rods, imported sports-cars, and a custom-built luxury-van, etc…and I thank God for all of those! And, I must point out what a joyous-testimony it is that I gave them away again afterwards! However, I also want to teach you something powerful here on the flip-side about ‘timing’ and courage and quickness. These are necessary ‘ingredients’ in seizing right-now opportunities! So, here is a little sad-testimony to help you understand this principle: One time I was given an opportunity to buy a house in America. Someone offered to give me the down-payment; but then never ‘brought’ me the cash. I see now that I should have ‘raided’ it after it was offered, and gotten it into my hands! But that never came because I perhaps wasn’t forceful enough. It was offered for the purpose of buying a house for myself in Dallas, but I didn’t push the button fast-enough! Of course, I was so-o-ooo busy at the time, so I kind of felt i could wait a bit on it. Wrong! Looking back on it now, I see that I actually should have stopped what I was doing for a moment to seize that opportunity! Well, moving right along here…The owner of the house knew I was a man of God. In fact, we did ‘live’ television together on a large Christian television network in London. I thought he would have bent in the price and terms if I flew to where he was quickly, with a briefcase full of cash or a cashiers-cheque! After I had not done that quickly, while he was really ‘hot’ on selling, he later countered with a much more expensive offer ~ that I didn’t like. However, if I had done three things (that I didn’t do quickly then), I believe I would be the blessed-owner of that property today.
1) I should have gone directly, immediately and forcefully to the person that offered me the down-payment as a gift, demanding that they take me to their bank to get the money into my hands right then!  

2) I should have arranged to bring that down-payment money -in person- to the house owner immediately ~ demanding the terms I wanted in purchasing his house right then! 

3) I should have mapped out in my mind, and in prayer, believing God to help me be creative in handling all the expenses of that house on an on-going basis; making it into either an office or rental property; or just keeping it for myself for when I would be in Dallas! *But now, sadly, that opportunity is long-gone. The house has probably been sold; and the down-payment ‘giver’ obviously couldn’t do anything further because of my procrastination. I missed that opportunity. I believe it was lost completely and solely because of my inaction! Often in life, situations or circumstances that keep us from further-progress and conquest are not due to a lack of money or favour; but they are simply due to a lack of decisive-action! We can also lose by an under-developed confidence and faith in God; and perhaps also by a less-than-secure or malnourished self-portrait of our own abilities! We need to always think positively, believing we are the best and that we will have the best! We must continuously feed our faith and build up our lives to greater dimensions and heights, and we also must starve our doubts to death, by feeding our souls and spirits with the Word of God and positive and pro-creative thinking and action! I am praying for more even better opportunities than I’ve had, like this, because I’ll know what to do next time! Move quickly and boldly without hesitation! And, sometimes our ‘busyness’ in so many things may not always be the absolute best use of our time. Always, always give God flexibility, and let Him both give you, and help you seize opportunities and great moments of favour. A great man of God friend encouraged me some years ago with a powerful saying. He said to me: “Son, always follow the path of favour. Always move where the flow of favour is.” Let me encourage both you and myself here by saying this to you, direct from Psalm 24: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; and the world, and all they that dwell therein!” Also remember Genesis 1:26. God told us that: He has made us in His own image and likeness, and that He wants us to own things, and use them for His beneficial purposes! And, Matthew 6:33 (one of my favourite verses in the Bible), declares: “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Amen!

The ‘Thief’ That Is Stealing God’s Best From You! Proverbs 6:30-31 promises a seven-fold restoration to the one who has been ‘stolen’ from, if he or she activates this blessing by faith! You can’t possess any promise if you don’t ‘activate’ it! When you open a new online account, or purchase new software, you must first open it and activate it before it works! Claim this promise and activate it with your contractual speech out loud in prayerful decree, and it will go into motion for you! *So be it, in Jesus’ Mighty, Matchless & Majestic Name!

Once You Know Who You Are In God; And You Know, And Are Doing, What He Wants You To Do, You Will Be Unstoppable And Limit-Less! God wants us to own land and property. This truth is seen all through the scriptures. Do a ‘finger-walk’ through the Bible~ book-by-book; and your head will spin over all the verses that promise us God’s desire and ability to give us wealth and real estate!

Faith Is ‘Voice-Activated’!   In the 11th chapter of Mark; in the 22nd-24th verses; God’s Word instructs us to ‘speak’ to all situations if we want to see them change and produce good results!


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Excellence - 40 Action Keys! By Thomas Manton IV

The kind of excellence God is interested in is that which aims at attaining excellence of God’s character or moral perfection. Your perceptions, friends, expectations, time management and mentality contribute towards how excellent you become in life and God’s laws. Read excerpts of Thomas Manton’s book, Excellence – 40 Action Keys! 

1.Laws of I AM: Confirm Whether the Real Laws Of I AM are Working In Your Life. Honestly Ask Yourself These Five Questions: Am I;
i)     A Giver
ii)    A Tither
iii)   A Seed-Sower
iv)  Obedient to the Vision of God for My Life
v)   An Advancer Of The Kingdom; or Am I Just Living and Existing for Myself?
2. Perception: Look at a Person Not for What you Expect or Hope They Will be BUT For Who They Really Are. You will Avoid Unnecessary Abuse And Pain By Doing This.
3. Friends: Can be Blockers or Blessers, Inhibitors or Releasers; They are Like a Wave -A Prophecy About Your Future. Connect Wisely With Them Because a Mis-Connection or Mis-Fire in Relationships Can Result Into Great Suffering.
4. Expectation: Nobody Can give You What They Don’t have. Some People will Come and Park In Your Life And Help You Do Nothing. Connect Wisely.
5. Reality Check: Don’t be too Optimistic or Pessimistic. Be Real!
6. Time: Be Productive With It. Invest it Wisely For God Will Hold Us Accountable for How We Spent It. Don’t ever Excessively Spend It In Unproductive Things like Entertainment.
7. Mentality: Loose the ‘God-Is-Always –In-Control’ Religious Mentality. God Is Not Always In Control!! Ask Yourself; Where Is He When; “The Thief Comes To Steal, Kill And Destroy”? Although God Has a Will, It Is Not Always Done!
8. Lifestyle: Cultivate a Descent and Powerful Life; The Pre-Requisite Of God’s Visitation.
9. Identity: Know Who You Really Are; A Royal Blood Born Of God Himself. Confirm Your Unique Qualities By Asking Yourself This; What Is It About Me That Differentiates Me from Others? Remember; It is Your Uniqueness, Not Your Similarity That makes You Great.
10. Persistency: Though For A While Success May Be Aversive, Keep Talking Positively Not Negatively About Your Challenges. Use Your Challenges To Explore New Things.
There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.” Num 13:33
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things. Philippians 4: 8-9

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The Benefits Of Excellence! (Your ‘Diamond-Keys’ To Success & Prosperity!) By Dr. Thomas Manton IV

Commitment to excellence is vital...
True Excellence is very often a ‘rare’ commodity in many lives, organizations and societies. Yet God’s Excellence ~ through His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Enlightenment and Revelation ~ is the premiere and outstanding essence of His Divine Power that will cause Advancement, Achievement and Success in the life of the one who puts into Appropriate Application and Action! 

This revelatory Prophetic Teaching is filled with dozens of revelations of God’s Kingdom Laws that will catapult you into His Divine Success & Prosperity as you put them into Action! *Enjoy this awesome ‘River of Revelation’ and Go and Prosper!

Dr. Thomas Manton IV

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Horrible Effects of Slander & Gossip! By Dr.Thomas Manton

Think about it! Why on earth would people that claim to be Christians be so ignorant, foolish and blind?

“Peoples’ ridicules of Godly and anointed men only shows their non-existent ‘love-walk.’ This is a disease that lurks today inside the caverns of self-appointed ‘leaders’ and people where there is no anointing or presence of God, truly, yet they carry on as if they have validity. Well, they don’t have any true credibility, in the Spirit, anyway. This activity is so carnal and even demonic, and truly, it stinks to high-Heaven. And these deceptions that have come to subvert and steal God’s movements from multitudes of people must now be stopped and pulverized, in Jesus’ Name! People’s ‘destructive’ words that came from the ‘accuser of the brethren,’ the devil, only help him to further carry out his evil-mission of stealing, killing and destroying! Oh, that stupid-devil is the god of gossip, slander and ridicule.
When you do any of that, he has gotten hold of you, and your agreement with him will only cause more damage to be done to God’s agendas. And ultimately the losers are multitudes of people; even those that operate in these foolish behaviours, along with their families too. Think about it! Why on earth would people that claim to be Christians be so ignorant, foolish and blind? And, what has happened to God’s power, authority, forgiveness and love in His Church? Or, has HE been ‘gone’ for too long now, for people to even recognize His absence?
Have the circus-showcases of religious-ritual carried out in Churches today replaced His glory and His true and prophetic words and teachings; and His mighty and manifested power and presence? If this has happened, on too wide a scale, then what a tragedy this is, indeed… We NEED God’s true Revivals and Reformations Now… But, those can only start by mighty-manifestations and true-outpourings of God’s presence and power by the Holy Ghost! O God, manifest Yourself more and more in our midst, Lord… You are so-o-ooo ready to do it! But the peoples’ erroneous ways and mannerisms, and their religiosity and disrespect toward Your true servants and movements have grieved You, and driven You away from them…
Change it all now, please Lord …Turn it all around now, so that Your Will can be accomplished, in Jesus’ mighty Name… For, the devil, and his deceived friends, are the losers, we know, but please make their ‘losses’ manifest now before all. Expose the wicked now, Lord, and turn them out! The wicked can no longer carry out their foolish and evil-schemes against You and Yours! Turn those out that pretend to be Yours, but they are not! They are merely using Your Name to do their own business. This must be stopped now! They have deceived many. They have hurt many. But now it is their turn to lose everything, and we now command this to be so, in Jesus’ mighty Name! I’ve always said: “One way we can know of the height and depth of evil that is layered in any society; is by how much they attack and try to discredit the ‘anointed’ and the ‘anointing.’
I know this revelation is eye-opening and piercing, and drives a stake directly into the heart of evil-men and women. And this time now will mark their end! But for us who truly love You, Lord, we are always winners! As You make the wicked fall now, Your righteous-ones will climb and rise, higher and higher! (Psalms 2, 18, 20, 23, 27, 35, 34, 37, 91, 105, 109, 149)  Enforce all of this for us now, Lord, and for Your own Work now, in Jesus Christ’s Matchless, Majestic and Mighty Name, Amen!”  (Copyright 2011)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Read and study the word of God more!
“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therin day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therin; for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” Joshua 1:8

Part of achieving success as a Christian in ministry and other areas of life is to learn and pursue your God-given purpose and fulfill your destiny. Find more lessons below on how to become better in communicating, develop your intellectual capacity and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude!

1.      Discover God’s specifically-detailed calling, anointing, gifting and assignment for you to fulfill in the earth now through your precious life.

2.      Give yourself and your life, time and schedule to God, paying any price, to excel in becoming and being the vessel that He lives in and moves through to greatly impact and dramatically change the lives of countless individuals and multitudes of people.

3.      Always Tithe consistently, and regularly Sow Seed into the fertile and anointed Soils of other productive-Ministries.

4.      Read and study the Word of God more. Also ingest knowledge and revelation from materials composed by brilliant thinkers, and successful and experienced mentors. The ‘horizons’ of your mindset will expand through doing this, and you will achieve more!

5.      Live and Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Do whatever it takes for you to stay, live, walk and work in God's 'glory-zone' for you!

6.   Understand that the Word of God is true; and that the blessings or consequences of your decisions based on what is written therein are absolutely guaranteed, either for good or for bad!

7.    Get experienced now! Work hard now! Do not wait for anything. Procrastination is a thief! Learn life's valuable lessons quickly through doing as much as possible now!

8.      Memorize the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes, and Live by them!

9.     Improve your awareness’s about everything that is relevant for your successes; and also for possible failures.

10.  Find your ‘dream-team’. Work with loyal and productive people. Loyalty gets proven, and productivity is obvious.

11.  Deeply assess and discern the environment or location you are in. Discover what the devil does to hurt Ministries in certain locations and environments. Be fore-warned and fore-armed to take extra steps to avoid the pitfalls and traps others have tragically experienced there. Little foxes come for the tender, ripe grapes, and to spoil the vine. The only good use for foxes is tying their tails together and lighting them on fire to destroy the enemies’ fields!

12.  Always be ‘professionally’ courteous, even when you do not feel like doing it!

13.  “The LORD has helped us and taken care of us during the past forty years that we have been in this huge desert. We’ve had everything we needed, and the LORD has blessed us and made us successful in whatever we have done.”  Deuteronomy 2:7

Find the entire message on “40 Action-Keys on to Achieving Success in Ministry!” by Dr. Thomas Manton IV.  Check out our newsletters and magazine on our website and Subscribe to get great teachings and prophecies from the pastor…! God bless you.

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Get encouraged today...!
Many people from different parts of the world been blessed and many others continuing being touched through Dr. Thomas Manton IV's ministry. Read through testimonies from some of the people who expected great things, believed and received their miracle. Get encouraged today! Start walking in agreement with God and receive favor and blessings He has in store for you!

I attended Dr. Manton’s prophetic-service on December 23rd, 2007 where he predicted Kibaki’s re-lection, and he also publicly predicted the ethnic-chaos that woud follow. The many things he predicted that evening actually happened afterwards. In another 2007 meeting in Nairobi, Dr. Manton testified how he had led prayers to dethrone the demons of Koinange Street – a red light district street in Nairobi. Now, we are seeing there, with the removal underway now of some of the illicit night clubs there. I live and work in Nairobi, and this is all very exciting indeed! Our city is changing for the better!
 – J.C – Nairobi – June 25, 2009

Dr. Manton ministers the Gospel in full. He is not a one-sided preacher. He believes as Scripture tells us in 3 John 2 that: “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper, and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.” Dr. Manton is a man who has given himself up to serve the Lord without reservation. I recently was listening to one of his messages produced some time ago entitled: “Soulwinners Arise!” He shared some of his personal testimony in that audio-message, and he explained the need for every Christian to be witnesses of the gospel. He said we must all let others know the Gospel that Christ to save the lost! I was moved with his passion and desire to inspire the listener to become a messenger of the Gospel and Good News of Christ. Yes, Dr, Manton preaches righteousness! He does not just prophesy! I can testify from being with him, that Dr. Manton is a strong believer in the Word of God! Thanks.
 –D.Z. – June 27, 2009.

My wife and I have been listening to your CD’s again; and really had a visitation of God in our home! Many people know Morris Cerullo and Benny Hinn, but soon they will all know Thomas Manton IV! God will take you from obscurity to international prominence as a prophet to the nations through Television, Radio and Media Exposure. It will happen in one season. So be it!
Prophet G.B. – Great Britain

Double Portion Anointing

I heard Pastor Thomas kept mentioning a back disc dislocation at the same time I was driving around the area trying to the church. He said ‘I don’t know whether you are here or not, but the Lord is fixing your back. ‘The following day in the meeting I came up to testify that my back was totally healed while I was not even in the building! My infant son was also instantly healed from a serious eye infection when he prayed for him. The next day it was totally cleared up! Thank you Jesus!
M.O. – London

Read more about God’s work in several nations in Eastern and Southern Africa as well as other parts of the world. Thousands of lives are being dramatically changed and improved by God’s outpouring. You can find more prophecies and testimonies on our website. Always expect great things! *God bless you mightly...! *Amen...!

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Profound and *Full* Prophecies for Egypt & Tunisia!

These profound Prophecies for Egypt and Tunisia came forth under a very heavy manifestation of anointing and flow of the Holy Spirit in lengthy prophetic utterance in our Prophetic Conference in in London UK in December 2003 ...These Prophecies have been 'live' on our website, just as you see them there now, for nearly seven years now.

Dr. Thomas Manton IV
The most amazing part of all of this to us and others, is just how God directly, explicitly and specifically spoke His Mind on the matters; also foretelling exactly what He would do, and now we see it in tangibly fulfilled manifestation seven years later! Of course, the 'full' prophecies with all their 'content' will be unfolding even more and more in the days ahead, in Egypt and Tunisia, and in the many nations God has chosen to speak to and about, prophetically through Dr.Thomas Manton IV ...

Please, please, everybody, pray hard for us, as it is 'no joke' speaking things of this magnitude to entire nations...And also for the great war we are waging against evil-forces in Kenya...And we need more very skilled and passionate staff now to expand our website and create internet radio and online TV portals, including voluminous amounts of new material that God has spoken...

Thanks! Kingdom Blessings...from... 
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The Horrible Effects of Gossip! By Dr. Thomas Manton IV

Lives are being destroyed in the church and those who have been hurt don't want to come back. A person is considered wise when he or she restrain their lip. Proverbs 18:21 death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. The word tells us to stay away from those who talk too much, let's be obedient to the word. Gossip destroys.

Let no corruption proceed out of your mouth...
“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” (Ephesians 4:29 (KJV) 

Ruth was a great example of a woman who learned to carry herself well, and she got blessed for it!  She was transformed from her poor background into a faithful vessel, fit for her master’s use. She also knew how to shut-up at the right time and place.

She learned to speak well, or nothing at all. And her wisdom gained, and her faithfulness led Ruth from poverty to abundance. Being faithful means we'll have to endure some difficulty along the way.

Monday, January 31, 2011

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Are you in need of prayer for healing, marriage and family, finances, or deliverance? Make a prayer request  today! Dr. Thomas Manton IV will pray for your finances, health, family, marriage, and deliverance.
The word of the Lord declares: Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health; even as your soul prospers… 3 John 2.
Remember that God wants to change you! It is not OK for you to stay the same! He wants to change you! His will for you is to know him, prosper and live in abundance!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Your "Keys to Divine Success!"

Greater success will begin to blossom in your life in greater ways if you replace negative thoughts with positive ones now! Change your thinking about life, yourself and others and substitute bad thoughts with affirmative ones.  Worry and unnatural fear comes from the Hypocrite, Satan. By worrying too much, you are deciding to not trust God.
Here are more keys to divine success!
Identify yourself in your calling from God, and do it! 
1.   Great minds talk about possibilities, plans and ideas; Average minds talk about what is happening and events. Small minds merely talk about petty issues and other people. What are you constantly talking about?

2.   Betrayal can be a good thing! It is a sign post that destiny is your next stop. But not forgiving the betrayer can delay that destiny!

3.   Don’t hang on to bitterness caused by past tragedies or misfortune. Let the past go! Negativity and anger can only damage you.

4.    It is doubtful that God can bless a man greatly, until he has hurt him deeply. (A. W. Tozer)

5.   Do not strive with men for their approval. Just identify yourself in your calling from God, and do it! (John 7)

6.   Woe be unto evil-doers, liars, con-artists, thieves, charlatans and hypocrites now! Their season to reap God’s whirlwinds of degradation, destruction and desolation for their heinous crimes they’ve committed against people has now come!

7.   God hates complacency. Leaders from the church may be hit with penalties when they stand before God because they did not use courage to confront the wicked.

8.   Let God’s Spirit and love flow through your spirit, soul and body! This will cancel out any carnal rulership from your flesh, situations and anger!

9.   Remember God is your avenger, and he is fighting for you!

10. Rest is an investment in tomorrow. Physical, mental and spiritual good health is important. Take some time out to rest and relax to get refreshed! You are essential for Kingdom-building!
There are 38 keys to divine success you can enjoy reading from Dr. Thomas Manton IV, Find more resources for spiritual growth and personal development such as magazines, messages on CD and DVD, Plan for Salvation as well as prophecies for 2010-to-2012 and beyond! Blessings to you...!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Behold Kenya, “Every Tribe Has Value!” By Dr. Thomas Manton IV.

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Savior of the World! The Lord spoke this revelation into my mind, as I heard his Voice saying to me; “EVERY TRIBE HAS VALUE!” 

Every tribe has value. Our decision determines our destiny!
I immediately started thinking about several good traits that seem resident in different Kenyan tribes. Now, because God’s wisdom is alive and resident in me, I will not yet ‘name’ the individual tribes by directly describing their good traits or bad ones! But I must declare to you all continuously what ‘Thus Saith The Lord!’

Many people in Kenya still remain overly tribalistic. I declare to you today, directly from the Mind of God, He is tired of it! It is always good to celebrate your heritage, but when the activity boycotts and excludes others, it creates strife, hatred and envy!
It is extremely true and very evident that there have been horrible acts, and even crimes, committed through systems of tribalistic corruptions and activities.
We must observe accurately here that several unscrupulous individuals from Kenya, regardless of their tribal affiliation, have been too keen on committing horrendously manipulative acts of fraud and deception on both local people and foreigners.
Kenyans must begin to desire, look to and focus on, their own lawfulness, personal development of skills and excellence to solve problems in both the local and international market places.  The Psalmist said that we should NOT focus on, or be envious of, a man or woman who is an evil doer, but seems to now be prospering. 
Isaih 1:19-20, and Deutronomy Chapters 8, 28 and 30  tells us that we are either blessed or cursed, based on our own personal decisions and actions. “Our Decision Determine Our Destiny!”
God judges everyone, based on his or her own actions, good or bad. Forget about and ditch evil doers, and focus on God, and on ourselves! It’s a high time now for all to ride up to the mountain-tops of life via the high road! Philippians 3:12-21! Kenyans should stop hating and fighting each other. It’s a high time that people begin to focus on their own personal excellence as citizens of Kenya; and more so royal citizens of the Kingdom of God!
Let all Kenyans now PULL each other together in unity! All can do that, without denying their own tribal identity! Let the best traits of all peoples manifest, and come forth now, to benefit everyone, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name, Amen!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Prophecy to the ‘Church-at-Large’, through Dr. Thomas Manton IV

The missionaries are out there in their place, and it is so hard and tough for them. Yet, do not only focus on their suffering! You have seen the suffering and the martyrdom of many, and how they have been persecuted. But that is not indicative of everything that is going on out there!

My people are getting saved, healed, baptized and delivered!
My presence is with My people there. My glory is with my people there. I am moving there. People are getting saved, healed, baptized and delivered! They are coming into the family of God. 

The Lord says that I will raise up in years to come two major Christian Networks in America. They will rival the amounts of broadcast quality and quantity to the nations of the world. The Lord says I am now raising up a new breed and a new company of ministers that are going to carry my fire.
I will be with those that have a heart to do battle and those that have a heart to do what I want them to do! I am going to bless, fund, increase and promote them. They are going to be like flaming fires, even before the nations of the world, says the Lord!
They will have a major impact upon nations, peoples, leadership of the church-at large, and upon the Body of Christ to bring the message and the favor of God and the Word of the Lord to this generation!
As I let kings be put up on the throne in the generations past, and then I let them die the way they died, so I will in these days as well, says the Spirit of God. Some will just go off the scene that have grieved Me over and over and never wanted my heart but they wanted to steer Me instead of Me steering them!
The new remnant, the new breed and the new company is going to arise now. And neither men nor demonic forces will be able to stop what I am about to do. For it will surely be that strong, says the sprit of the Lord!
And my mantle will be draped over them, says the Spirit of the Lord. And nobody will be able to stop or touch what I am doing these days, through these ones.
We thank You Lord, that you are raising up transparent vessels that can be like a glass before the light and say, look through me and see Him. Look through me and see Him! Lord, we thank you that your kingdom is being advanced now throughout the World in greater ways and measures than ever before, in Jesus Majestic and Mighty name! *Amen!

This is an excerpt of a two part series – A Prophecy to the ‘Church-at-Large’, through Dr. Thomas Manton IV. Enjoy more teachings and resources, and may God bless you…! *Amen!

Friday, January 21, 2011

12 Supernatural Operations of Spiritual Conquest through the Office of the Prophet, Dr. Thomas Manton IV!

The message from the Prophet highlights 12 supernatural operations of spiritual conquest through the office of the servant of God. View highlights of the revelatory teaching through the ministry of Dr. Thomas Manton IV.
1.    Unseating evil rulers! When a prophet shows up, the “hornet’s nests” get turned inside out! When someone is ruling in evil and wickedness with weird sprits and they like to “Jezebelically” control people, the prophet shows up and exposes the evil rulers!.

2.    The prophetic mantle exposes devils and turns out evil things that are hidden inside and around people! Prophets cause great agitation to demonic forces. Ugly things inside people surface and God root them out!

3.    “Eye-openers!” God loves giving answers to complex and deep-rooted adversities! God is interested in righteousness, no deception! Jesus did not come to bring peace but he came to bring a sword! He said he would divide families three against two and two against three…

4.    Prophets expose the folly and wickedness of Men’s Hearts! God destroys the works of the devils in fools. He undoes the work of those who proph-e-lie, not prophesy! God’s prophets cry aloud and spare not!

5.    Prophets expose and bring down the workers of iniquity and darkness in the world and in the church! Come hell or high water, God almighty is coming to bring changes!

6.    Prophets lead us into revelations that our obedience to God’s instruction will bring us into promotion and that our last act of disobedience disqualifies us from God’s next act of glory for us!

7.    Prophets speak to us about Kingdom exploits! People must immerse themselves into Kingdom pursuits. Yet, we must get free from all personal encumbrances, obstacles and hindrances if we are truly going to advance God’s Kingdom!

8.    Prophets speak forth the heart and mind of God and release God’s direction for his church!

9.    Prophets address and attack the ills, errors and sins of the societies they are assigned to by God!

10.  Prophets bring correction to the erroneous lifestyle of misguided leaders!

11.  Prophets expose and refute erroneous doctrines, expressions and emphases that are not biblical!

12.  Prophets release creative words of fire that will pro-create the miraculous and release supernatural blessings into the corporate church and into the individual lives of God’s people! *Amen!

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