Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Horrible Effects of Slander & Gossip! By Dr.Thomas Manton

Think about it! Why on earth would people that claim to be Christians be so ignorant, foolish and blind?

“Peoples’ ridicules of Godly and anointed men only shows their non-existent ‘love-walk.’ This is a disease that lurks today inside the caverns of self-appointed ‘leaders’ and people where there is no anointing or presence of God, truly, yet they carry on as if they have validity. Well, they don’t have any true credibility, in the Spirit, anyway. This activity is so carnal and even demonic, and truly, it stinks to high-Heaven. And these deceptions that have come to subvert and steal God’s movements from multitudes of people must now be stopped and pulverized, in Jesus’ Name! People’s ‘destructive’ words that came from the ‘accuser of the brethren,’ the devil, only help him to further carry out his evil-mission of stealing, killing and destroying! Oh, that stupid-devil is the god of gossip, slander and ridicule.
When you do any of that, he has gotten hold of you, and your agreement with him will only cause more damage to be done to God’s agendas. And ultimately the losers are multitudes of people; even those that operate in these foolish behaviours, along with their families too. Think about it! Why on earth would people that claim to be Christians be so ignorant, foolish and blind? And, what has happened to God’s power, authority, forgiveness and love in His Church? Or, has HE been ‘gone’ for too long now, for people to even recognize His absence?
Have the circus-showcases of religious-ritual carried out in Churches today replaced His glory and His true and prophetic words and teachings; and His mighty and manifested power and presence? If this has happened, on too wide a scale, then what a tragedy this is, indeed… We NEED God’s true Revivals and Reformations Now… But, those can only start by mighty-manifestations and true-outpourings of God’s presence and power by the Holy Ghost! O God, manifest Yourself more and more in our midst, Lord… You are so-o-ooo ready to do it! But the peoples’ erroneous ways and mannerisms, and their religiosity and disrespect toward Your true servants and movements have grieved You, and driven You away from them…
Change it all now, please Lord …Turn it all around now, so that Your Will can be accomplished, in Jesus’ mighty Name… For, the devil, and his deceived friends, are the losers, we know, but please make their ‘losses’ manifest now before all. Expose the wicked now, Lord, and turn them out! The wicked can no longer carry out their foolish and evil-schemes against You and Yours! Turn those out that pretend to be Yours, but they are not! They are merely using Your Name to do their own business. This must be stopped now! They have deceived many. They have hurt many. But now it is their turn to lose everything, and we now command this to be so, in Jesus’ mighty Name! I’ve always said: “One way we can know of the height and depth of evil that is layered in any society; is by how much they attack and try to discredit the ‘anointed’ and the ‘anointing.’
I know this revelation is eye-opening and piercing, and drives a stake directly into the heart of evil-men and women. And this time now will mark their end! But for us who truly love You, Lord, we are always winners! As You make the wicked fall now, Your righteous-ones will climb and rise, higher and higher! (Psalms 2, 18, 20, 23, 27, 35, 34, 37, 91, 105, 109, 149)  Enforce all of this for us now, Lord, and for Your own Work now, in Jesus Christ’s Matchless, Majestic and Mighty Name, Amen!”  (Copyright 2011)

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  1. Powerful eye opening revelation.
    May the prophets of bal be swept away in this season in Jesus name